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January 8, 2012

If you or someone you know has experienced pain of any sort you will not want to miss this episode of the Buff Brain show.  Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. will be joined by wholistic psychiatric psychotherapist Daniel J. Benor, MD, author of “7 Minutes to Natural Pain  Release, WHEE for Tapping Your Pain Away” on the Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 4:30 – 5:30 pm Arizona time, 6:30 – 7:30 pm EST( or call 1-818-431-8518).

Tension headaches, migraines, frozen shoulders, backaches, irritable bowel syndrome,  post surgical discomfort, many types of injuries, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cancer pain all can be treated with WHEE.  Emotional pains, even those from decades past, can be released as well.

This revolutionary new self-healing method is rapid, permanent, and can be self-administered.  More than mere tapping on the right and left sides of the body, WHEE assists you in focusing you r mind as you tap.  This is what makes it so effective.  In order to get the most wholistic results, affirmations… which are positive, present tense statements… are said as the tapping is done.

This may sound simple, and it is direct and clear, but it is far from simplistic.  Many skills, which Dr. Benor will explain during the show,  go into making WHEE as effective as it is.  Please visit for links to instructions, articles, testimonials, and Dr. Benor’s new book, “7 Steps to Natural Pain Release” as well as a WHEE workbook.  You can reach him by email at or  Dr. Benor’s blogs are and  He is editor of the on-line International Journal of Healing and Caring,

You are invited to listen and call into the program to find out more about spiritual healing, how prayers bring about healing, non-local consciousness, and what it takes to become a spiritual healer.  Find out why it took Dr. Benor 20 years to publish his book, “Spiritual Healing, Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution”.

Listeners are invited to call into the program (1-818-431-8518) with questions or comments for both Cay Randall-May and Daniel Benor.  Learn how to eliminate pain, pray more effectively, understand and make use of spiritual healing in our own life.