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April 22, 2012

Nervous, uneasy, uncomfortable were how I felt as I awaited my last colonoscopy.  Although I was thoroughly prepped for the procedure, there was a delay and as I was left wondering how much longer I would have to wait.  I wasn’t asleep, merely relaxed by the anesthetic which had been administered a few minutes earlier.  Even though physically calm, my was still uneasy until I noticed in my mind’s eye an enormous winged figure standing to the right of the gurney.

He suddenly appeared and mentally assured me that he had been ‘requested to come’ to me for comfort and protection.  I immediately recognized him as an angel by his immense size and enormous wings.  In my imagination I could clearly see that he carried a sword, which I associate with the Archangel Michael.

Immediately, I felt safer.  Even if this was only a dream brought on by the sedation, it didn’t matter to me at the time because I felt secure and protected.  I knew that I would come through the test without a problem, and I did.

About a week later, at our next prayer group meeting, I described my experience and one of my friends who immediately exclaimed, “That was Archangel Michael.  I asked him to be with you during the colonoscopy.”  What a gift her request had been.

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