Can Astrology Help Us Transform?

            Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., welcomes master intuitive and talk show producer, Michael Gogger, who originally began the TRANZFORM U show.  They will be joined by Rick Neville, who has practiced astrology and tarot for more than 20 years. 

            Can astrology provide useful insights into our life’s path?  Rick Neville believes that his approach to astrology can help us learn about ourselves, our innermost tendencies, and the overall evolution of our souls.   He helps his clients go deeper into their personal natal chart to discover energies which  can be used to enhance and transform any life situation including relationships, career, even place of residence.

            Rick teaches classes and makes personal appearances in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona.  You can find him at local bookstores including the Mystic Moon and Peace of the Universe.  You can contact him at or call 480-455-7777 for a list of classes, appearances, or to arrange a personal session.

            Michael Gogger can be found on Facebook and he will share his most recent contact information during the show.  We always enjoy having Michael with us because his transformational healing journey is so inspirational.  Please contact him at,  Facebook, or call for an appointment at 518-249-3995.

            Jason Randall is our switchboard and chat room monitor.  He is also available to give readings on or off-line.  Please email him at  He can be reached by telephone, 602-575-7150.

            Please visit to read about Cay Randall-May’s upcoming classes, radio programs, and appearances.  You can reach her by email at or 602-404-8646 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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