The ‘Creative Itch’: A Highly Contagious Malady

by Cay Randall-May,   the ‘Healer Who Creates’ 

            If you spend time around writers, musicians, and painters expect to catch the ‘Creative Itch’.  It can’t be cured, but that’s o.k.  This is an affliction you can live with.  In fact, a bout of CI if allowed to blossom into action can facilitate healing on  physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

            Lots of people have a sub clinical case of CI.  They feel a vague inclination to paint, write, play music, dance, etc., but are able to resist the urge.  The world is a poorer place when this happens.  Thank goodness, even the   wormy apple on the ground under a neglected tree nurtures seeds which can sprout.  Our inspirations are the same.

            Don’t be so hard on yourself if you pass on today’s creative urge.  More of the same stuff is on its way if you have a genuine case of CI.  The infection can be encouraged by reading books like mine, “Healing and the Creative Response”, taking part in writer’s groups, such as the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, belonging to and actually attending meetings of the Arizona Artists’ Guild, or visiting a museum, concert, or play. 

            In fact, CI is a cure, not a  dis-ease.  It helps bring us into balance by allowing our innermost thoughts and emotions to be expressed.  In future blogs I would like to chat a bit with you about how to take action on your ‘Creative Itch’.


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