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Poetry Play

April 12, 2010

by Cay Randall-May,  the Healer Who Creates 

At this moment are you a hummingbird, wings fluttering hundreds of times per minute, or a sea slug oozing through benthic gloom.  Maybe your wings are glued to flypaper or your inner earthworm is savoring a mother lode of vintage horse manure.  Are you the single dandelion surviving Spring’s herbicidal showers?  Bloom, bloom, bloom through poetry.  

Words luscious as tiny sausages, each wrapped in a curl of crisp bacon, invite tasting.  Chew their syllables thoroughly, as inner ear bones dance with iambic, pentambic, schmambic oscillations.  Blow sound bubbles of pink heart-gum that stick to virtual cave walls.  “I chew, therefore I live,” they say.  

Sweat poems ooze from volcanic pores swallowing lesser perspectives, burying them, preserving them under ash like Pompeii.

You are fresher, cleaner, and purer because you erupted in poetry play.


Healing for the Highest Good

April 2, 2010


By Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., the Healer Who Creates

Not all spiritual healing occurs on the physical level, often emotional and spiritual levels are balanced. It’s not always clear what level(s) of healing are most needed or in which order, so I suggest that we be open to ‘healing for the highest good’. 

For example, a woman came to me with ‘frozen shoulder’, a painful condition involving limited mobility.  Lifting her arm was so painful that she was having difficulty carrying groceries, cooking, and doing some of her favorite activities and sports. Her physician suggested surgery.  

After speaking with her, I realized that her problem was not entirely skeletomuscular. She expressed to me a great deal of anger towards some of the people in her household.   As she and I discussed the impact of this suppressed inner rage, she began to understand the importance of healing the challenging situations in her life.

Although hands-on healing immediately reduced her pain level, I realized that until the underlying emotional complications were also addressed her discomfort would remain at a lower, chronic set point.  Together we brainstormed some steps she might take to lower her stressful home situation including prayer, meditation, improved communication, and increased exercise. 

The spiritual healing couldn’t do all these things for her, but it opened her mind to ways in which she could improve her situation, to accept the highest good in her life.  On some level the physical pain has served her by prompting her to pursue higher healing.