Romantic Adventure Novel Highlights Healing


By Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. , the Healer Who Creates

            Most books on healing are personal accounts with a self-help focus.  My own book, “Healing and the Creative Response”, is an example of this genre.  Seldom is the reader introduced to more personal aspects of a healer’s life.

            “Hidden Dimensions” by Debra Drecksel (iUniverse, 2009) is a romantic adventure story which takes a delightfully refreshing look at the topic of healing through the viewpoint of a healer.   I was fascinated with Drecksel’s compelling development of  her leading character, Monica, as she pursues her lifelong dream.  

            There is something for everyone here:  life path struggles; outdoor adventure; sensuous love making; and resolution of inner conflict about healing as a life choice.  Drecksel weaves fiction with non-fiction as she allows the characters to discuss topics as diverse as dealing with the challenge of mental illness in the family to quantum string theory physics. Readers, especially those who are drawn to the path of spiritual healing and have wondered how it fits into the natural world, will be glued to this book. 

            I recommend “Hidden Dimensions” to everyone interested in healing as a vocation and to anyone who wants to explore the phenomenon of natural healing.  Visit Drecksel’s web site to learn more about the author and to view a promotional video.  The book can be purchased through

People can contact the author through the ”Contact Debra” page on her website or by e-mail at


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