Intention, the first KEY TO HEALING

Healer Who Creates,  Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.

In my new book,”Healing and the Creative Response” (Brooks Goldmann Publ., 2010), I describe four key steps to healing which are common to many different modalities.   Intention is the first step.   Rothlyn Zahourek, Ph.D., has published her definitive study, “Intentionality: The Matrix of Healing..A qualitative Theory for Research, Education and Practice” which I will be writing more about in the near future.  After researching the topic from the point of view of both the healer and healee she has concluded that aside from the general intention of well-being there are two major levels of intentionality in healing:  the first promotes curing and restoration of equilibrium; the second catalyzes transformation on multiple levels.  After reading Dr. Zahourek’s book I am convinced that the four keys to healing which I describe in my book relate to this last level.  If followed correctly, the four keys definitely promote improved self-expression and creativity.


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