Karen Grace Kassy, Multitalented Intuitive


By Healer Who Creates, Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.

      Karen Grace Kassy moves easily through many roles.  On any particular day you might find her leading a workshop on intuition or yoga, consulting with a client, firing raku or horsehair pottery, or picking banjo with her musical friends. KAREN’S CREATIVE ENDEAVORS HAVE ONLY COME ALIVE IN THE LAST FEW YEARS. SHE IS QUICK TO POINT OUT THAT YOU CAN BLOSSOM YOUR CREATIVITY AT ANY AGE – YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD. AND, LIKE INTUITION, SHE FEELS HER MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS ARE A SKILL THAT SHE HAS PRACTICED, NOT A GIFT – THEY ARE ACCESSIBLE TO ANYONE.  In my book, “Healing and the Creative Response”, I state that many intuitives and healers are also highly creative and this vital young woman proves my point.

     Author of “Health Intuition. A Simple Guide to Greater Well-Being” (Hazelden, 2000) Kassy is one of today’s most gifted intuitive consultants, specializing in health and healthy relationships. In this capacity she often interacts with clients while in a deepened state of consciousness for several hours a day.  Burnout, fatigue and energetic imbalance can take their toll on individuals in this profession.  To keep herself energetically and physically grounded, Karen Kassy works with clay, practices and teaches yoga, enjoys a wide variety of outdoors activities including rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

    As Karen’s intuitive career broadens and deepens, she is opening to even greater creative potential.  You can see for yourself the scope of her skills by visiting her web site:


 Learn more about her relationship intuitive work by visiting:


and her Etsy site for pottery:



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