Recruiting Our Creative Dream Team

by Cay Randall-May…the Healer Who Creates


            When I recently wrote a course outline to accompany my new book, Healing and the Creative Response (see I didn’t stress over it.  Instead, I called on my ‘dream team’ to do the writing.  This is the best way I know to get past any blocks to innovation and imagination.  This works well for planning any sort of project including reports, business plans, speeches, your next play or novel.  Here is how:


  • Review the task for about ten minutes before going to sleep.


  • Let go of the need to consciously plan the outcome, just go to sleep.


  • Don’t expect to dream about the project. You may, but it’s not necessary.


  • Be prepared to record the results of the dream. 


Be patient and practice. Your inner dream team may not be recruited all at once or

every time you try. The more you call on it, the easier it will become.  The results may not ‘download’ right away, in fact I find they often come when I least expect them.  It’s not unusual for a creative idea to pop into my mind in the middle of the night after I have set my intention to call on my dream team.  Here’s the deal:


  • Stress cuts off creativity, so wasting hours worrying over a deadline won’t help.


  • When we set our intention and relax, releasing the need to control the outcome,we activate what I call the Creative Response.


  • The Creative Response connects us to levels of imagination we often don’t use.


Creative ideas flow fast.  They may stick in your mind or fly through it as softly as a butterfly.  In either case, be ready to write or otherwise record them.  Then you can refine, edit, or flesh them out.

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