Muse News

Muse News


By Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.


            My eyes opened at 4:30am this morning, even though the alarm hadn’t sounded.  Before I went to the gym for some exercise or had breakfast I was finishing a painting which had been resting on my easel for a couple of weeks.  Although I had tried many times to work on it during that time period, for some reason I couldn’t finish it before this morning.  The ancient Greeks would have said that the Muse of painting hadn’t paid me a visit until today.

            Muses were believed to give knowledge and inspire creativity in humans.  Originally thought to be limited to three goddesses, by 400 B.C. nine muses were recognized.  They were commonly worshiped in Delphi and throughout the ancient world.

            Most people today don’t acknowledge Muses, but it sure is great when my paintbrush skims the canvas in an effortless dance of light and color.  On some other days when it doesn’t feel that way it’s more like shoveling mud.  Those are the days when I  have learned to put the brushes and paints away.  It’s best to plant or weed in my garden, take a walk, or chat with a friend.

            Of course we can still produce something when we aren’t inspired, and I remember writing, drawing, and painting to meet a deadline.  The product was adequate, in some cases even more, but it wasn’t alive with my inner creative passion.

            Has the artesian well of creativity, which the ancients believed was tapped by the Muses, done dry?  If it hasn’t how can someone tap into it? 

            In my new book, Healing and the Creative Response , I describe what I call ‘four keys to healing’ which when applied in our lives can open us to greater expression.  The first step is to set one’s intention.  The ancients did this by making offerings and in other ways worshiping the Muses.  They actively invited the Muses to touch their hearts and minds. 

            Watch the words you use.  Each has intention.  Describe yourself to self and to others as creative, alive.  Have your tools and supplies ready so that you don’t need to waste precious energy preparing to create when inspiration does come.  Most important of all, listen to your inner passion and follow its lead.  At first the impulse may be very faint, just a nudge to write a few words, etc.  The more you allow yourself the time to act on inspiration, the stronger it will become. 


One Response to “Muse News”

  1. Shaun Barry Says:

    Hi Cay,

    I am in the process of reading your book (which I received just last week) and have already begun to experience some of the powerful healing techniques you mentioned. They really do work, and it is quite amazing the feeling of personal empowerment, personal energy and personal renewal that can be self-generated from these methods. I will continue to let you know what developments take place on my personal journey of healing and self-empowerment as I read the rest of the book and listen to the CD (which I have not done yet). Thank you so much for bringing to the public awareness these treasured resources that truly taps into and releases the “Authentic Self”.

    Many Blessing,

    –Shaun M. Barry

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